Saturday, 1 February 2014

Social Conditioning of Hindu Minds (A Hindu Awakening)

We need to CHANGE.   Enough of all negative postings.   We have been programmed in the last 30 years to think that we are poor, we are a weak race - and in the process, we have lost our self esteem, our pride, our self confidence.

We "forgot" that we are a RICH race - by wealth/financially (Chanakya / Arthasastras), by health (Ayurvedic and Yogas), through Science (Astrologies, via our own Scientists, i.e. Siddhars), through mind-control (Meditation, Asanas), through Astral projections/communications (Temples, Energy Vortexes, and Ancestral worships), and many other wonders, that even left modern scientists baffled at our (Hindu) achievements.

The Jews and Germans - knowing the secrets and the power of our Vedas - are translating and developing all the technologies mentioned therein.  Just do a search on Vedas at, and you will find Vedas translated in German language.   Technologies are being plagiarized using the Science found by our Siddhars. Client-server technology vs Akasha records.   Nuclears vs Brahmastras.  Astronauts vs Soul-travellers (jothi).  Jets vs Vimanas.   Power Yoga vs Topukaaranam.  We created the numeral systems (-0-9).   Genetic transmutation. Test-tube babies.  Atomic/cellular/Quantum Physics.  Homams - You name it!  We have done it thousands of years ago.   Our origin/ancient language is the ONLY one that can be communicated and understood at the Astral level and different dimensions!

We were once Conquerers.  But our history had been wiped out.  Think about it - The entire Asia was under our rule.  From north - Angkor wat - a Hindu kingdom.  then Thailand.   Gangga Nagara.  Kadaram. Kota Gelanggi (Johor).  Then The Lion City - Singgap-oor. Hindu spreads to Indonesia (Borobudur / Bali) - and cultures were widespread in all these places even until now.   Do you think it's an easy feat for mere mortals to accomplish?

We are the only race that produced scientists (Siddhars) who could travel through the universe, and tells you - in exact measurement - the distance between sun and earth, the planets, the galaxies, and to the minute atomic levels.  We have Scientist / Siddhar who have written formulas on transmuting physical self into light. 

We know who we are before we are born, we knew our purpose of life, and we know precisely where we would be after this life.    There are documented evidences given by our religion by means of Sruthis, Vedas, Tantras and Puranas.

We have Scientist who have taught various arts and science.  Name it, and our race's footprints are there.   NASA's scientists comprises of 30% of Indians - do you think this is by chance?

WE ARE A GREAT RACE!   We are a WONDER race!

But let me tell you.... we had been oppressed.  Our MIND was conquered .. to their benefit - and we now think that we  are a poor race, a race of no values, a  race that is weak - both economically and health, a race only good for drinks and crimes.  Majority of us have been CONDITIONED over time to accept this as a culture by the political authorities.  We came here to develop this country, we were physically fit workhorses, at the same time we were the rich businessmen.  However, instead of progressing, we regressed since the 1980's.

When things gets repeatedly mentioned over time - it gets planted permanently in our mind .. as though its part of us.   When you are told in the last 30 years that Indians are part of the crime - the mind accepts. And forms that image of the society. We slowly accept it as a norm.

We need to BREAK THIS!!  And we have to START NOW!.
It might take another 30 years... but let us take the first step.
BREAK AWAY from what you have been programmed to.

And the first step from hereon - take this pledge - that you (as individual) will NOT tolerate mediocrity in yourself.  That you will not ALLOW anyone to say anything NEGATIVE about you or your race, or your religion.   Immediately SHIELD yourselves from the negativities.  Rebut immediately by acknowledging who you are, and what a GREAT race you are from. 

And you shall COMMIT to yourself - that from TODAY (and no matter how many years this will take), I will pledge to think only positive thoughts.   We are RICH race. We are Wealthy!  We are healthy!  We are geniuses .. just waiting to be "re"-awakened!.   

Let this be the first note, of more great things to come, for our race and religion.   Use your mental strength to fight these conditioning of our mind (not physical).   Remember, we are a race that could use our mind to travel out of our body and achieve non-human feats.   We are a race that can transmute / manifest / unmanifest our own DNA's.    Equip yourself with this power!  Spend your next few years re-learning these skills.   Empower yourselves and your children. 

Looking at the various posts in blogs and facebooks, there are a lot of us who are aware of the Science of the Hinduism.   Unfortunately, there's a lot of anger, misdirected energy within us - frustrated at suppression of the authority, and the way our race, religion and culture are being ridiculed on a daily basis.  

Be part of this new revolution in creating the awareness, positivity, and educating our generation and future generation on the power within us given by our religion.  Be proud of carrying this Hindu DNA in you.  Unnai arinthaal!! You can be a mortal or eternal souls - if you realize who you are!  No other race have the capabilities like we do.

The survival of this GREAT Hindu Parambhara is in our hand.

Nehru Nagappan
Malaysia Hindu Sangam / Perumal Temple Klang

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Don't wipe your butt with this!


In line with the directive from the Malaysian Hindu Sangam, we urge all our temple devotees, and Hindu public generally, to avoid (and possibly boycott) any prayer items that carries itself the images of Gods, such as the Incense stick, camphor, calendars, etc.

Let us use some level of common-sense and respect for the universal Energies.   We see calendars carrying images of Gods being torn and thrown away into dustbins, or being stepped upon as rubbishes.   We have seen old calendars being used to wrap food items, including the non-vegetarian dishes.

We have seen empty boxes of incenses with images of Lakshmi thrown away in dustbin.

What respect do we have for our Gods and Divine beings?

On the other extreme, we have devotees who refuses to thrown any books/magazines, boxes of camphors, calendars, etc.. that carries the image of Gods - for YEARS at home!   They believe its a sin to do so.  These gets piled up at home - without knowing the direction on what to do with these magazines (and whether it's a sin to throw images of Gods).

Why supporting commercial entities that uses religion and images of Gods to pursue their wealth gains, with complete disregard to the sentiments of the Hindus?   Boycott them!

Buy products that does not carry any images of Gods.   Do Dharma to your religion, and teach these values to your children.

Please do share these message around.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Kaliyuga - checklist - Are We There Yet?


With all the things that's happening around us, let's go through the checklist, written some 5000 years ago though Bhagavad Gita, on whether we are behaving the way described in the holy scriptures.


Afterwards, due to the effect of adverse Time, all excellence's like Truth, cleanliness, forbearance, compassion, longevity, memory and strength will decay. In the age of Kali, wealth takes the place of high birth, virtuous conduct and character in estimating a man's worth. Might will become right, being accepted as the factor determining what is Dharma and what is justice. Mutual attraction will become the sole consideration for marital alliance. Business / trade will become tantamount to the practice of fraud.

Skill in lovemaking will be deemed as the chief excellence in man and woman. The sacred thread will become the whole distinctive feature of a Brahmana. External marks will become the only insignia of Ashramas (Life-phases). Justice will be dispensed depending on the economic status. If a man is adept in abusive vocabulary, he will be considered a scholar. Poverty will constitute proof of guilt and ostentation and show will become the hallmark of character. Mating will be looked upon as marriage (to the exclusion of tradition and ordainment); bathing will be significant only hygienically and not ritually. A holy water (Tirta) will mean only water at a distance (and not the Guru near at hand). A well-made up tress will become the criterion for beauty.

Men will live to eat and not eat to live. Audacious speech will be the substitute for truth. The man, who maintains the family by any means, will be deemed resourceful and respectable. Dharma will be maintained solely for reputation. When humanity dege­nerates this way, whoever is powerful amongst Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas or Sudras will become the rulers. These greedy and cruel rulers, following the ways of brigands and plunderers, will lay their hands on the womenfolk and wealth of their subjects, who, therefore, will be compelled to take shelter in mountains and forests.

Oppressed by heavy taxation and absence of rainfall, people will have to subsist on greens, roots, flesh, honey, fruits, flowers, tubers and the like. Reduced to misery, they will fight amongst themselves and perish. Stricken by hunger, thirst and disease and distressed with worrying thoughts, men in Kali will be short-lived, their life-span being only twenty to thirty years.

When due to the evil influence of Kali, men become physically weak, when the Dharma of the Varnas and Ashramas inculcated by the Vedas perishes, when the ways of the atheists and their teachings become wide-spread, when kings degenerate into mere robbers, while men in general begin to indulge in theft, falsehood and vain slaughter, when all Varnas come to the level of Sudras, when cows degenerate to the level of goats, when monasteries and religious settlements become mere places of enjoyment like homes, when sex relationship comes to be recognized as the only relationship, when plants get dwarfed, when trees become small and shade-less, when clouds begin to emit only lightning, when homes become devoid of holy rites - thus with the advancement of Kali, when men begin to be animal-like, the Lord will incarnate again in a form of Sattva for the protection of Dharma.

-------------- INCARNATION OF KALKI & ADVENT OF KRITAYUGA --------------

The incarnation of Vishnu, the Supreme Lord and the Preceptor of all beings, is meant for the protection of the Dharma of holy men and to liberate them from the bondage of Karma. God will incarnate as Kalki in the house of a well-known headman of the village of Sambala, called Vishnuyasas. Seated on a very fast moving horse named Devadatta, given by Indra and the other Devas, Kalki, the Lord of all, endowed with the eight yogic powers (Ashtaiswarya) and of matchless splendor, will course through the earth at high speed, destroying the countless plunderers parading as kings. When all the evildoers have been uprooted, the people of towns and villages will have the contact of the fragrant air of the unguents (sandal paste etc.) of the body of Vasudeva, which will render their minds very pure. When Vasudeva, the embodiment of strength and purity, is lodged in their hearts, they will procreate progeny that are mentally and physically strong. From the time of the incarnation of the worshipful Lord, the Lord of Dharma, Krita Yuga will begin and a race of men with Sattva Guna dominating, will be generated. When the moon, sun and Jupiter come in a single house with the constellation Pushya, then Krita Yuga will begin.


In Kali Yuga, only a fourth part of the attri­butes of Dharma, such as Truthfulness etc. would survive. Even that fourth part of the whole would decay day by day due to dominance of Adharma attributes and at the end of the Kali Yuga, even that (one) fourth part of Dharma would have vanished. People of Kali Yuga would be niggardly Lobha, of blemished conduct, Durachara, bereft of compassion, would quarrel over purposeless objects, devoid of lustre 'Tejas', or poverty-stricken, would be greedy and will have as their chiefs Sudra and fishermen.

The Gunas (disposition of Nature) will be influenced by the Kali Yuga. (In Kali Yuga itself, in the mind of the Jiva, the three (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas) dispositions will be alternating and under the prompting (propen­sity) of the Kali Yuga, variations take place in the functioning of the Gunas). When the mind, intellect and senses dwell in Sattva in a large measure, due to which attraction would ensue in enlightenment and Tapas, then (even in Kali) the existence of Krita Yuga should be seen. When the Jivas are attracted to desire-prompted Karmas, then the Rajas dominated Treta Yuga should be seen. When miserliness, Lobha, non-happiness, self-importance (self-worshipfulness), pride, jealousy, attraction for desire-oriented Karmas occur, perceive then the advent of Rajas -Tamas dominant Dvapara Yuga. When Lie, delusion, indolence, sleep, 'Himsa, sorrow, anguish, illusion, fear and helplessness arise, it should be realised that Tamas dominated Kali age has dawned. Due to the effect of Kali, people will be dull-witted (dull-headed), luckless, gluttonous (eating in disregard of time), in penury and lustful, in addition to womenfolk being adulteresses and of evil conduct.

Countries will abound in thieves. The Vedas will be perverted by atheists, the rulers will swallow their subjects (oppressing the subjects with heavy taxes and the like), Brahmana, Kshatriya and Vaisya would involve themselves only in sense gratification and livelihood pursuits.

Brahmacharins will be bereft of Sastric ordained rites - purities, householders will resort to alms-seeking, Tapasvis – Vanaprastas - will take to residences in villages and Sannyasins will be attracted to wealth. Further, the womenfolk will be of short stature (Dwarf), gluttonous, bearing many children, devoid of shame, always addicted to cruel speech, prolific, hypocratic and very obstinate.

Traders and businessmen will be low-minded, obfuscating, and doing their avocation of buying and selling likewise. Also, they will resort to prohibited path even when there is no danger to life/livelihood. Employees will desert even benevolent masters when they are no more affluent. Also, masters will abandon servants employed for genera­tions, if they are in danger (like sickness) and so also abandon barren cows.

People in Kali-age, forsaking their own parents, brothers, well wishers and cousins, will take to relatives ensuing from wife's side and take counsel with wife's brothers and sisters. They will be debilitated and lustful. People in Kali will ever be frightened, afflicted by tax and the like, worried over failure of timely rains. Also, bereft of good clothes, wholesome food, healthy drinks, comfortable beds, pure wifely comforts, ordained bath and ornaments they will resemble ghosts and ghouls with parched lands / fields.

In Kali, people will fight even for a pittance, develop animosity and in the process, abandon friendliness and even give up or take lives, including those of their fold. People will be of unwholesome (low) nature, engaged in satiating stomach and male organ and will not look after the aged parents and able sons. In Kali-age, with their minds perverted by Pashandas (Pretenders), people will not worship the sole and exclu­sive preceptor of the Universe and the Supreme Lord 'Achyuta', whose lotus feet are bowed to by the Lords of all the worlds.

In Kali, people will not worship the Supreme Lord, by uttering/chanting whose names, people on the threshold of death, seized by sickness/diseases, who have fallen down or slipped, will be redeemed from the obstacles arising from their Karmas and attain to the shining realms. If the Supreme Lord enters the heart of man, such a man is redeemed from all the blemishes arising from Kali-effect through food, unholy place of residence and sense contacts. By being heard about, hymned about, meditated upon, worshiped or adored, the Lord enters into the heart of man and when He so enters, He destroys all the evil tendencies acquired over innumerable lives. Just like the fire removes the impurities from gold, the indwelling God removes the blemished tendencies of the Yogis. The totality of purity acquired by the mind when the divine presence is involved in the heart, cannot be accomplished by learning, austerities, Pranayama, by love towards all beings, holy births, Vratas, gifts and Mantra - Japa.

O Parikshit! You, who are at the threshold of death, maintain tranquility and install, by all means at your disposal, the Supreme Lord in your heart. By doing so, you will attain salvation. The Supreme Lord, Soul of souls, the support of all and to be meditated upon by men threatened with imminent death, gives Himself to such devotees (Saaroopyam). O King! This Kali, though the.repository of blemish 'Dosha', has got a very high virtue, viz. by the Nama Sankirtana of Krishna itself, man secures release from bondage and attains to the Feet of the Paramatma - Supreme Lord. Whatever is attained to in Kritayuga through meditation on Mahavishnu, through the sacrificial rites in Treta Yuga and through ritualistic worship in Dwapara Yuga, all that is accomplished - attained to - by Hari Kirtana itself in Kali Yuga. ('Krute Yat Ddhyatho Vishnu, Tretayam Yajato Makaha Yagam: Dwapare Paricharyayam Kalow Tat Harl Kirtanaha’)

Let the above be a reminder of where we are, and where we should be.

Om Namo Narayana.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Dissemination of false news against temple in YouTube

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified
No.80, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, 41100 Klang, Selangor D.E., Malaysia
Tel.: 03-3371 1763   Fax : 03-3373 0364 

Dear Friends, brothers / sisters, and devotees:

We were inundated with numerous calls and messages, members of public being outraged that the Temple had given out IC’s to illegal migrants to facilitate the General Election (GE13).   While we agree with the emotions of the Hindus and Indians in general should this act had happened, it is indeed contrary to the event being projected in the video.   

1.0 The Event:

1. This event actually took place in 2011, and NOT on May 1st 2013 as portrayed in the video.  See evidences from the photos in this folder:    

What is the event all about?

2. In 2011, the most mentioned social issue at that time was the lack of IC for the Indian Community.  It was discussed by both the State Govt, and the Federal Govt, and it was published as a major issue in the newspapers.

3. We are a community based temple.  As a community service, we initiated and agreed to support the Government initiative to help the Indians to obtain the IC.

4. At the same time if you could recall, there were this 6P initiative called ‘Program pengampunan dan pemutihan imigran’ organized by the Federal Government at the same period of time.   See here for details : 

5. The District MCA requested the temple to co-organize the event.

6. We are not political.  We welcome both side of the officials, both PR and BN to support any initiatives that benefits the Rakyat, and the Indians in particular.

7. The temple suggested for these two events to take place at the same time.  If you noticed from the photos, the event was dated Mar 27, 2011.

What happened on that day?

8. Only a small number of Indians turned up. The temple was overwhelmed with people from Indonesia and Sabah, in addition to the Indians and Chinese during this event.  

9. The Temple, on the other hand, brought a number of Registrars from Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to vet through for eligibility and suitability for this program.  As a result, less than 100 ELIGIBLE people received the nationality documents.  The rest were asked to leave.

Is this an Election Ploy?

10. Accusations were many.  From vulgarities, to saying that we took bribes and money, that we profited from this event, that we boycotted and sabotaged the state government, and of course, various other accusations.

11. We are in the temple to serve Lord Narayana and its devotees.  Unlike certain temples, we are not in politics.  For those who are regular here, you will notice that officials from both PR and BN visits the temple, not only to pray, but to offer generous donations for the Granite Stone construction and for various social services.  Regardless of their intention, we are cautiously aware that we cannot side any party.  We don’t want to for obvious reasons – WE ARE A RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY.

12. This video was uploaded in YouTube on May 1st, 2013.  It’s not the event date.  

13. The video were shared by disseminating to the public by highlighting in their comment that the Temple condoned the giving away of IC to the illegals for the upcoming election. This is grossly WRONG and MALICIOUS information.   

14. And despite his ranting, the Uploader himself (the fact that he is an Non-Hindu, and without verifying the info), admits this in his Youtube page, and contradicts himself!  :

15. We suspect this is a foul play by the author who might belong to an interested party to further split the unity of Hindu and Indians, by posting this malicious video, to provoke the anger amongst the Indians.

16. Again, we have to reiterate - We are here with an objective to serve Lord Narayana.  Temple being a religious centre, we are duty-bound to serve the community through various social initiatives.  Our intentions were clear that is to help out the Indian to obtain the IC’s.  Unfortunately, this had been used by certain parties to manipulate the mind of the Hindus and Indians.

17. If you noticed, the video also focuses specifically towards the Indonesians alone, despite the presence of Chinese and Indians.  Please refer to the photos.

18. As some of the commenters in the YouTube asked…. WHY did the person upload a video taken 2 years ago was posted SO CLOSE TO THE ELECTION (and claiming that BN is giving out citizenship JUST for the election)?  Is this an election ploy by certain party to divert the mind of Indians?.   The above was a comment from someone in Youtube – we do not want to assume whether it’s BN or PR.  The fact is – it was a malicious attack on the temple’s intention of doing social service for the community.

19. The temple’s well-guarded reputation had been tarnished by an unscrupulous non-hindu by misleading the community.  The Temple is COMPLETELY AGAINST the culture of bringing in Ghost/Phantom voters, and we DO NOT condone any unethical methods of being elected in the office, other than through democratic means, through the vote of the Rakyat.  At all cost, we do not want any illegal Bangladeshis or Indonesians to be given the same right as us as CITIZENS of this country.

20. We will deal with this unscrupulous Author appropriately in the nearest possible time.

21. Meanwhile, we advice all Hindus and Indians to be united in getting rid of these divide and rule mentality of certain parties.  VOTE OUT people that lacks integrity, morality and ethics.  Vote out corruption.   Vote for your rights, and for the future your children.   Turn out in full force tomorrow (May 5th) and Vote – for the betterment of our society.  

2.0 Why are they wearing slippers in temple vicinity?

1. The event took place at the Temple Hall.  We do allow public to wear shoes and slippers in that area.  E.g. weddings, social events, and functions.

2. We strictly do not allow anyone to enter the temple area with shoes/slippers.

3.0 Why were they smoking?  Why the temple did not advice them not to smoke in the temple area?

1. We agree, it’s a fault of ours for not enforcing on that particular day.   We have failed to advice them not to smoke in the vicinity.  We sincerely apologize for this oversight.   
2. We have given instructions to the temple workers and committee to learn this lesson and ensure no one smokes in this area.
3. Committee members had been duly adviced on this matter, for future enforcement.

Yours Sincerely:

Nehru Nagappan
Hon Secretary
Perumal Temple Klang

Saturday, 23 March 2013



Recently, I was invited to celebrate a birthday party.  A friend of mine invited me for the 21st birthday of his son. The atmosphere was “fantastic” and party-like.   Free-flow of soft drinks and beers.  Spicy Mutton Perattal to complement the beers.  Party clown were called in to entertain the children.   Magic shows, live band music, door-gifts, you name it – it was a REAL PARTYYYY!!!   

Karat Tamil songs were blasted so that the whole neighbourhood could hear.   The birthday was held outside the house (with beautiful tents built that blocked at least 3 houses) – I am sure they have obtained the permission of their neighbours.  Afterall, it’s nice to have a good and understanding neighbour.   The birthday boy was….  hhhmmm… somehow well dressed – very western - wearing a coat and full suit. But being a typical Indian fler, he can’t take the India out of him – he was wearing a slipper, and his neck glitters with thick gold necklace, shiny bracelet in his hand, ear-piercing and large earring that could make all the grandmas envious.  

Birthday song was sung. 

hEpi bert-dEi to yuuuuu!  hEpi bert-dEi to yuuuuu!  hEpi bert-dEi to (whatever his name is)!  Followed by some giggles from the crowd (God knows why).   hEpi bert-dEi to yyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!  Some claps.  And more giggles (still don’t know why).
The birthday boy, with his ego now fully polished…. Surrounded by family, maama, macha’s, and consciously aware that there are chicks around him….. raises his chest to show his machoism, and blows the candles (21 candles, mind you!).   

Ooopps!!  He didn’t manage to blow all of them at first attempt.   Blushes seen from the macho macha.   He looks at people surrounding him and smiles to cover up his lost pride.   And more giggles from the audience (still don’t know why!).   He blows the remaining candles again, with ALL HIS MIGHT!!  He did it! Phew… saved pride.  

Then, as in the “normal Indian tradition”, the birthday boy cuts the cake into small pieces to feed their parents.  Small enough, as he is aware that his parents are diabetic.   Why feeding the sweet cake to his diabetic parents?  Saangiya-tirku (for the sake of tradition), shouts someone on the floor.  I had the urge to ask him to cite the reference! (which part of Hinduism he extracted this Saangiyam from).  Just because one is a Sheep that follows the rest of the flock of sheeps, does not make a culture!  Just because they have seen someone else practices this on their birthday, does not mean we have to follow suit.

So, after feeding the parents, relatives, and family, the rest adjourned for a barbaric fiesta laid outside their home.   Sorry to use that word – bad of me!.   But I don’t know how to describe this.  Let me describe it differently.   Animals cut into pieces (and given glamour names – mutton perattal, chicken kurma, udang sweet and sour, fish sambal, chilli crab, among other animals).  And served in the mucchanti (edge/middle of the road) where only ghosts and devils dwells.   Heh?  You don’t believe ghosts dwells at the road in front of your house?   Ask the Chinese why they burn hell money outside their home!.   Check out vaastu-sastra and feng shui on its significance.   So, let me ask you - Are these food catered for your guests, or padayal (offering) for the hungry ghosts?

Lack of knowledge is the root of all evil.   And your lack of knowledge on culture and religion is not an excuse, but a SIN.  And you, consciously knowing or otherwise, are paying the price of your sins through the various challenges that you face in your life, your family, culture and nation.

Hinduism is a way of life.   It’s a culture communicated through symbolism and stories/puranas, so that the message gets across the common people, unless of course, you are curious enough to go deeper into the SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY used in the religion.   If you don’t know the subject, LEARN.   If you have no time to seek religious education, for heaven sake, at least, Google it!! 

Let’s revisit this birthday celebration.   I can’t beat the system, I admit.  But I am duty-bound to communicate to as many people who are reading this blog on the proper practice.  

  • 1.  Firstly, do realize that, this is a western culture.   Nothing wrong in it.   It’s just that, many are not able to decipher the science behind the Hinduism.  And furthermore, it’s more ‘happening’ to show off our knowledge on western culture.

  • 2.  In the western culture, blowing a candle denotes the number of years the person has completed, and to bless that they (the birthday boy) should live longer.

  • 3.  But in Hinduism, blowing a candle (or any fire-related matters) by an air through the mouth is HIGHLY inauspicious.
  • 4.  AGNI – is a very powerful medium.  He is one of the Lords of Loka-Paalas.  For you to reach and communicate to Gods, Agni is the medium/channel.   He is the protector of all ceremonies.   Be it whether it’s birthdays, weddings, Homams, etc…, Agni bhagavan is invoked first, so that the ultimate prayers (of the devotee) can be channeled to the respective God(s).  Look around and OBSERVE – anywhere there is God - at home in the altar, temple, in meditation, wedding, birthday, when a child is born, even in death ceremonies, etc… - there will always be LIGHT (Fire/Agni)!
  • 5.  He is the messenger between earth and heaven – commissioned by God and human – to maintain the communication between these two parties.  And to bring them (the Gods) from the sky to the place of worship (i.e. in the Homam and altars).  Without Agni, Gods experience no satisfaction in your prayers.
  • 6.  Prayers travel through your mind to the Gods (and manifest) through lights (I.e. Agni).   One of the best medium of getting your prayers answers is via the Nei Villaku (ghee lamp) that you light in front of your deity in the temple.   This is a TECHNOLOGY given by the ancient Hindu scientists, for the common people to communicate with Gods easily.  Your thoughts (and desires) in your mind gets directed to the Nature, and manifests in real life, and the ghee as well as the light (Agni) plays SIGNIFICANT role in your prayers, towards the SUCCESS of your life.   More on this in my later blogs.
  • 7.  Since FIRE is the most significant medium to communicate with the Gods, all auspicious events begins by invoking this important act.  I.e. lighting up the Fire.  (In the above birthday context, lighting up the fire via the candles).
  • 8.  Dousing of fire through blowing off the light (agni) is only performed in funerals ceremonies, and NEVER in auspicious ceremonies.  This is usually to signify the release of the soul from the bondage of this earth.  Fire symbolizes life, and absence of fire equals to absence of life (i.e. death).
  • 9.  So, I feel ODD when people clap when the birthday boy douses of the candle.  I hope you know where I coming from now.  We are not celebrating death. 

I suggest the following.

  • Upon lighting up the candle (which denotes invocation of Fire/Agni), invite the Agni bhagavan through a simple chanting.
  • Followed up by Ganapathi mantra
  • Followed by your istha devatha mantra (Vishnu, Lakshmi, etc..)
  • Followed by whatever cultural/religious/family practice – as long as it does not violate the laws of the nature.
  • Do not BLOW the candles.  Do not let the air from your mouth douse off the fire.  Take it (the candles) out from the cake. 
  • Cut the cake and enjoy.

  • Obtain blessings from parents.  Fall on their feet, and get their aasirvaatham (blessings)

  • Now, with the Gods presence in the house to make YOUR BIRTHDAY more auspicious, sing the birthday song, and followed by Bhajans, and/or religious songs.
  • Serve Vegetarian foods.  And serve it IN the house.   SERVE your guests.  Don’t allow self-service.  This is disrespect for the guests.   You get punniyams (blessings) by serving your guests, and not the other way around.
  • Serve the neighbours.
  • Organize and arrange to serve the old folks, poor people and disabled people in their Homes.   Giving alms and charities.
  • Never miss this out – go to temple.  Let everyone single-mindedly PRAY for your longevity, good health, wealth and happiness.  Do archanai and sangkalpam.   Don’t forget the nei-vilakku.  Do it with family members.  More thoughts released for a single purpose (i.e. group prayers) is more powerful.

  • 10.  All the above leads to PUNIYAMS and good karma to the birthday boy. 
  • 11.  Think about it – GODs were IN your house during your birthday celebration.  Who else could be a better VIP than them?
  • 12.  Would you prefer the Gods to grace your birthday, or the devils and ghosts waiting for the feasts outside the house?
  • 13.  Learn, and gain knowledge, before conducting any events.  The significance of the above practice (Agni) is described in detail in Agni Purana.  Buy the book and read them.   Or search and read through Google.  Knowledge is power. 
  • 14.  Be a Significant Soul. 

SHARE this, so that everyone can be aware of its significance.

The Author, Nehru Nagappan, is from a Corporate background, having served as the Vice-President (Corporate Services) of a local Government-linked Agency.   He is also the Hon Secretary of Perumal Temple, Klang (The Tirupathi of South-East Asia), Malaysia.   He is also a member of Malaysian Hindu Sangam (Selangor), and Global Hindu Economic Council.   

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Nice Butts.... BUT!!

Nice Butts.... BUT!!

If you notice the "recent" Hindu weddings, the entire family and friends will be crowding the wedding stage (manavarai) for no apparent reason.

For the bride/groom and their family - realize a few things:
1. You have invited your guests, and they might be coming from all over the country, or even around the world. All they get to see is your relatives wide butts.
2. It's VERY disrespectful.
3. It shows lack of planning on your side.
4. It shows people on the stage have no common-sense, etiquette, and manners (by blocking the audience).

In Hindu culture, we invite our family and friends so that they could shower blessings to the wedded couples through the aksyatai's. So, as a guest, how can we bless you guys, when these group of relatives block our view? Without you realizing it, your invited guests would in fact CURSE you (via their negative thoughts or words) and the wedding ceremony. Isn't this defeating the purpose of inviting them in the first place?

Why are there amateurs, holding on to their mobile phones, IPhones, IPads, etc.. at the wedding stage, when they are not the appointed photographers? Emotions aside (the bride or groom might be your dearest), but can't you guys THINK for a second that there are hundreds and thousands 
(behind you) who wants to share/observe this auspicious occasion as well?

And who gave the authority for the official videographers and photographers to block the view of the audience? If you can't take the videos from a proper angle, doesn't that reflect badly on your professional service? Are you guys lacking experience in understanding this basic thing - that you have not been given any authority to block the view of the audience?

Don't you know that in our culture, seeking the blessings from family, relatives, friends, arundhati, and others, are MORE important that the culture of PASAR (wet market) environment that you guys are creating in the wedding stage?

Please do make it a point to:
1. Announce in your wedding card for the guests to be PUNCTUAL.
2. Make it formal by announcing in the card that only PARENTS / GUARDIANS, maapilai tholan, ponnu tholi are required to be ON STAGE. The rest, however important you are, though you are a family member, please stay either AT THE SIDE, or below (possibly in the first few rows - if they are considered VIPs in the family).
3. Appoint someone to monitor this, and to politely usher these "crowds" to their seats.
4. Hire Professional Videographers / Photographers who could respect the audience and the importance of their blessings.

Please have a thought on this. And please be considerate. YOU make a difference in the next wedding that you attend. Guard the etiquette and our culture. SHARE this so that everyone can be aware of the importance of this once-a-lifetime ritual.

Author: Nehru Nagappan
Fb: nehru.nagappan

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The SCIENCE in Hinduism

We, as Hindus, have some serious SELF-IMAGE problem.

When our own culture has Siddhars and ancient SCIENTIST, we refuse to acknowledge, read about them, or practice it in proper manner.   These are people who have developed technologies for divine mind, soul travel, healthy life, and the ability to obtain success in your material world, including wealth that you desire.

But when a Westerner who appreciates these teachings and wisdom starts preaching on this subject, the Hindus believes and embraces them.

God's knowledge, Nature, wisdom and science given by our Siddha's and scientists (e.g. Vallalaar, Agasthiar, Thirumoolar, Bogar, and other 14 Siddhars/scientists) WERE FREE IN NATURE.  But these are not "cool" for the Hindus.

When westerners copies these system and asks them to pay thousands for their "corporate trainings", they are more than willing to (foolishly) pay!

- Think about Vallalaar's Atomic theory vs Albert Einsteins theory (found 50 years after Vallalar's discovery)

- Think about the Topukaranam  vs Super Yoga.

- Think about the Vaahanams described in the various scriptures and Puranas  vs "the ancient Vahanas" and "Ancient Aliens" shown in History Channel.

- Think about the Chanakya's Leadership and Art of Politics vs Sun Tzu art of war, Napoleon Hill, Antony Robbins, and thousand other western motivational gurus.

I urge EVERY HINDU to EMBRACE the teachings of our Gurus and Siddhas.  These are GENIUSES beyond comparison!!

For list of Siddhars, see this link:

I'll attempt to post many of these SCIENCES behind the religion periodically.  And more importantly, the proper, scientific way of praying, and getting the success that you seek via prayers.

Look out for more updates on this blog.