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Dissemination of false news against temple in YouTube

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Dear Friends, brothers / sisters, and devotees:

We were inundated with numerous calls and messages, members of public being outraged that the Temple had given out IC’s to illegal migrants to facilitate the General Election (GE13).   While we agree with the emotions of the Hindus and Indians in general should this act had happened, it is indeed contrary to the event being projected in the video.   

1.0 The Event:

1. This event actually took place in 2011, and NOT on May 1st 2013 as portrayed in the video.  See evidences from the photos in this folder:    

What is the event all about?

2. In 2011, the most mentioned social issue at that time was the lack of IC for the Indian Community.  It was discussed by both the State Govt, and the Federal Govt, and it was published as a major issue in the newspapers.

3. We are a community based temple.  As a community service, we initiated and agreed to support the Government initiative to help the Indians to obtain the IC.

4. At the same time if you could recall, there were this 6P initiative called ‘Program pengampunan dan pemutihan imigran’ organized by the Federal Government at the same period of time.   See here for details : 

5. The District MCA requested the temple to co-organize the event.

6. We are not political.  We welcome both side of the officials, both PR and BN to support any initiatives that benefits the Rakyat, and the Indians in particular.

7. The temple suggested for these two events to take place at the same time.  If you noticed from the photos, the event was dated Mar 27, 2011.

What happened on that day?

8. Only a small number of Indians turned up. The temple was overwhelmed with people from Indonesia and Sabah, in addition to the Indians and Chinese during this event.  

9. The Temple, on the other hand, brought a number of Registrars from Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara to vet through for eligibility and suitability for this program.  As a result, less than 100 ELIGIBLE people received the nationality documents.  The rest were asked to leave.

Is this an Election Ploy?

10. Accusations were many.  From vulgarities, to saying that we took bribes and money, that we profited from this event, that we boycotted and sabotaged the state government, and of course, various other accusations.

11. We are in the temple to serve Lord Narayana and its devotees.  Unlike certain temples, we are not in politics.  For those who are regular here, you will notice that officials from both PR and BN visits the temple, not only to pray, but to offer generous donations for the Granite Stone construction and for various social services.  Regardless of their intention, we are cautiously aware that we cannot side any party.  We don’t want to for obvious reasons – WE ARE A RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY.

12. This video was uploaded in YouTube on May 1st, 2013.  It’s not the event date.  

13. The video were shared by disseminating to the public by highlighting in their comment that the Temple condoned the giving away of IC to the illegals for the upcoming election. This is grossly WRONG and MALICIOUS information.   

14. And despite his ranting, the Uploader himself (the fact that he is an Non-Hindu, and without verifying the info), admits this in his Youtube page, and contradicts himself!  :

15. We suspect this is a foul play by the author who might belong to an interested party to further split the unity of Hindu and Indians, by posting this malicious video, to provoke the anger amongst the Indians.

16. Again, we have to reiterate - We are here with an objective to serve Lord Narayana.  Temple being a religious centre, we are duty-bound to serve the community through various social initiatives.  Our intentions were clear that is to help out the Indian to obtain the IC’s.  Unfortunately, this had been used by certain parties to manipulate the mind of the Hindus and Indians.

17. If you noticed, the video also focuses specifically towards the Indonesians alone, despite the presence of Chinese and Indians.  Please refer to the photos.

18. As some of the commenters in the YouTube asked…. WHY did the person upload a video taken 2 years ago was posted SO CLOSE TO THE ELECTION (and claiming that BN is giving out citizenship JUST for the election)?  Is this an election ploy by certain party to divert the mind of Indians?.   The above was a comment from someone in Youtube – we do not want to assume whether it’s BN or PR.  The fact is – it was a malicious attack on the temple’s intention of doing social service for the community.

19. The temple’s well-guarded reputation had been tarnished by an unscrupulous non-hindu by misleading the community.  The Temple is COMPLETELY AGAINST the culture of bringing in Ghost/Phantom voters, and we DO NOT condone any unethical methods of being elected in the office, other than through democratic means, through the vote of the Rakyat.  At all cost, we do not want any illegal Bangladeshis or Indonesians to be given the same right as us as CITIZENS of this country.

20. We will deal with this unscrupulous Author appropriately in the nearest possible time.

21. Meanwhile, we advice all Hindus and Indians to be united in getting rid of these divide and rule mentality of certain parties.  VOTE OUT people that lacks integrity, morality and ethics.  Vote out corruption.   Vote for your rights, and for the future your children.   Turn out in full force tomorrow (May 5th) and Vote – for the betterment of our society.  

2.0 Why are they wearing slippers in temple vicinity?

1. The event took place at the Temple Hall.  We do allow public to wear shoes and slippers in that area.  E.g. weddings, social events, and functions.

2. We strictly do not allow anyone to enter the temple area with shoes/slippers.

3.0 Why were they smoking?  Why the temple did not advice them not to smoke in the temple area?

1. We agree, it’s a fault of ours for not enforcing on that particular day.   We have failed to advice them not to smoke in the vicinity.  We sincerely apologize for this oversight.   
2. We have given instructions to the temple workers and committee to learn this lesson and ensure no one smokes in this area.
3. Committee members had been duly adviced on this matter, for future enforcement.

Yours Sincerely:

Nehru Nagappan
Hon Secretary
Perumal Temple Klang

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