Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The SCIENCE in Hinduism

We, as Hindus, have some serious SELF-IMAGE problem.

When our own culture has Siddhars and ancient SCIENTIST, we refuse to acknowledge, read about them, or practice it in proper manner.   These are people who have developed technologies for divine mind, soul travel, healthy life, and the ability to obtain success in your material world, including wealth that you desire.

But when a Westerner who appreciates these teachings and wisdom starts preaching on this subject, the Hindus believes and embraces them.

God's knowledge, Nature, wisdom and science given by our Siddha's and scientists (e.g. Vallalaar, Agasthiar, Thirumoolar, Bogar, and other 14 Siddhars/scientists) WERE FREE IN NATURE.  But these are not "cool" for the Hindus.

When westerners copies these system and asks them to pay thousands for their "corporate trainings", they are more than willing to (foolishly) pay!

- Think about Vallalaar's Atomic theory vs Albert Einsteins theory (found 50 years after Vallalar's discovery)

- Think about the Topukaranam  vs Super Yoga.

- Think about the Vaahanams described in the various scriptures and Puranas  vs "the ancient Vahanas" and "Ancient Aliens" shown in History Channel.

- Think about the Chanakya's Leadership and Art of Politics vs Sun Tzu art of war, Napoleon Hill, Antony Robbins, and thousand other western motivational gurus.

I urge EVERY HINDU to EMBRACE the teachings of our Gurus and Siddhas.  These are GENIUSES beyond comparison!!

For list of Siddhars, see this link:

I'll attempt to post many of these SCIENCES behind the religion periodically.  And more importantly, the proper, scientific way of praying, and getting the success that you seek via prayers.

Look out for more updates on this blog.

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