Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Don't wipe your butt with this!


In line with the directive from the Malaysian Hindu Sangam, we urge all our temple devotees, and Hindu public generally, to avoid (and possibly boycott) any prayer items that carries itself the images of Gods, such as the Incense stick, camphor, calendars, etc.

Let us use some level of common-sense and respect for the universal Energies.   We see calendars carrying images of Gods being torn and thrown away into dustbins, or being stepped upon as rubbishes.   We have seen old calendars being used to wrap food items, including the non-vegetarian dishes.

We have seen empty boxes of incenses with images of Lakshmi thrown away in dustbin.

What respect do we have for our Gods and Divine beings?

On the other extreme, we have devotees who refuses to thrown any books/magazines, boxes of camphors, calendars, etc.. that carries the image of Gods - for YEARS at home!   They believe its a sin to do so.  These gets piled up at home - without knowing the direction on what to do with these magazines (and whether it's a sin to throw images of Gods).

Why supporting commercial entities that uses religion and images of Gods to pursue their wealth gains, with complete disregard to the sentiments of the Hindus?   Boycott them!

Buy products that does not carry any images of Gods.   Do Dharma to your religion, and teach these values to your children.

Please do share these message around.

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