Saturday, 1 February 2014

Social Conditioning of Hindu Minds (A Hindu Awakening)

We need to CHANGE.   Enough of all negative postings.   We have been programmed in the last 30 years to think that we are poor, we are a weak race - and in the process, we have lost our self esteem, our pride, our self confidence.

We "forgot" that we are a RICH race - by wealth/financially (Chanakya / Arthasastras), by health (Ayurvedic and Yogas), through Science (Astrologies, via our own Scientists, i.e. Siddhars), through mind-control (Meditation, Asanas), through Astral projections/communications (Temples, Energy Vortexes, and Ancestral worships), and many other wonders, that even left modern scientists baffled at our (Hindu) achievements.

The Jews and Germans - knowing the secrets and the power of our Vedas - are translating and developing all the technologies mentioned therein.  Just do a search on Vedas at, and you will find Vedas translated in German language.   Technologies are being plagiarized using the Science found by our Siddhars. Client-server technology vs Akasha records.   Nuclears vs Brahmastras.  Astronauts vs Soul-travellers (jothi).  Jets vs Vimanas.   Power Yoga vs Topukaaranam.  We created the numeral systems (-0-9).   Genetic transmutation. Test-tube babies.  Atomic/cellular/Quantum Physics.  Homams - You name it!  We have done it thousands of years ago.   Our origin/ancient language is the ONLY one that can be communicated and understood at the Astral level and different dimensions!

We were once Conquerers.  But our history had been wiped out.  Think about it - The entire Asia was under our rule.  From north - Angkor wat - a Hindu kingdom.  then Thailand.   Gangga Nagara.  Kadaram. Kota Gelanggi (Johor).  Then The Lion City - Singgap-oor. Hindu spreads to Indonesia (Borobudur / Bali) - and cultures were widespread in all these places even until now.   Do you think it's an easy feat for mere mortals to accomplish?

We are the only race that produced scientists (Siddhars) who could travel through the universe, and tells you - in exact measurement - the distance between sun and earth, the planets, the galaxies, and to the minute atomic levels.  We have Scientist / Siddhar who have written formulas on transmuting physical self into light. 

We know who we are before we are born, we knew our purpose of life, and we know precisely where we would be after this life.    There are documented evidences given by our religion by means of Sruthis, Vedas, Tantras and Puranas.

We have Scientist who have taught various arts and science.  Name it, and our race's footprints are there.   NASA's scientists comprises of 30% of Indians - do you think this is by chance?

WE ARE A GREAT RACE!   We are a WONDER race!

But let me tell you.... we had been oppressed.  Our MIND was conquered .. to their benefit - and we now think that we  are a poor race, a race of no values, a  race that is weak - both economically and health, a race only good for drinks and crimes.  Majority of us have been CONDITIONED over time to accept this as a culture by the political authorities.  We came here to develop this country, we were physically fit workhorses, at the same time we were the rich businessmen.  However, instead of progressing, we regressed since the 1980's.

When things gets repeatedly mentioned over time - it gets planted permanently in our mind .. as though its part of us.   When you are told in the last 30 years that Indians are part of the crime - the mind accepts. And forms that image of the society. We slowly accept it as a norm.

We need to BREAK THIS!!  And we have to START NOW!.
It might take another 30 years... but let us take the first step.
BREAK AWAY from what you have been programmed to.

And the first step from hereon - take this pledge - that you (as individual) will NOT tolerate mediocrity in yourself.  That you will not ALLOW anyone to say anything NEGATIVE about you or your race, or your religion.   Immediately SHIELD yourselves from the negativities.  Rebut immediately by acknowledging who you are, and what a GREAT race you are from. 

And you shall COMMIT to yourself - that from TODAY (and no matter how many years this will take), I will pledge to think only positive thoughts.   We are RICH race. We are Wealthy!  We are healthy!  We are geniuses .. just waiting to be "re"-awakened!.   

Let this be the first note, of more great things to come, for our race and religion.   Use your mental strength to fight these conditioning of our mind (not physical).   Remember, we are a race that could use our mind to travel out of our body and achieve non-human feats.   We are a race that can transmute / manifest / unmanifest our own DNA's.    Equip yourself with this power!  Spend your next few years re-learning these skills.   Empower yourselves and your children. 

Looking at the various posts in blogs and facebooks, there are a lot of us who are aware of the Science of the Hinduism.   Unfortunately, there's a lot of anger, misdirected energy within us - frustrated at suppression of the authority, and the way our race, religion and culture are being ridiculed on a daily basis.  

Be part of this new revolution in creating the awareness, positivity, and educating our generation and future generation on the power within us given by our religion.  Be proud of carrying this Hindu DNA in you.  Unnai arinthaal!! You can be a mortal or eternal souls - if you realize who you are!  No other race have the capabilities like we do.

The survival of this GREAT Hindu Parambhara is in our hand.

Nehru Nagappan
Malaysia Hindu Sangam / Perumal Temple Klang

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